Vuplex Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how Vuplex websites collect and store user information.

  • Vuplex websites use Google Analytics to identify how users use the sites in aggregate (e.g. number of page views, general locations of users). Google Analytics uses cookies in users' browsers to achieve this.

  • When users create an account through, Vuplex stores the user's email address and a cryptographic hash the password that the user provides. When a user adds additional users to their account, the same is done for those additional users.

  • Vuplex store checkout ( uses Stripe and PayPal to collect payments. Stripe and PayPal collect payment information directly from users (e.g. credit card information) and pass that information directly to their own servers. So, Vuplex never sees or stores personal card information. Instead, Stripe and PayPal provide Vuplex with an ID that represents an order, and Vuplex stores that order ID.

  • Vuplex stores records of the orders that users make through and the Unity Asset Store orders that users enter through

  • If you want to request that your data be deleted from Vuplex's databases, please contact us at